Dr. Ashutosh Srivastava

Dr.Ashutosh Srivastava

Dr.Ashutosh Srivastava​ is a world fame KSHAR SUTRA EXPERT in Allahabad (Anatomist). He had performed more than 5,000 Surgeries of patients suffering from Piles, Fistula, Sentinel Tag (Sentinel Piles), Fissure, Pilonidal Sinus,Rectal Polyps,Rectal Prolapse, Anal Papilla, Anal Stenosis, Anal Condyloma in Allahabad and Pan India.

Dr.Ashutosh Srivastava is a Anatomist. He is the best ayurvedic doctor in Jhushi, prayagraj, Uttarpradesh. He is Director and Founder of Shree Vishwshraddha Chikitshalaya,Prayagraj. Dr. Srivastava is senior most proctologist in Prayagraj.

He has 14 years of surgical experience in the medical field. Dr.Srivastava is practicing world famous kshar sutra therapy in Piles, Fissure, Fistula, and Pilonidal sinus etc, Which is having least reoccurrence rate.Dr. Ashutosh Srivastava is fully dedicated towards his patient and gives the best results because of this he is considered as Best Ayurvedic Doctor in Allahabad.

Dr.Ashutosh Srivastava


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We are highly skilled in using the World’s most well-known parasurgical technique, known as the KSHAR SUTRA, to treat all anorectal issues, including Piles, Fistula, Sentinel Tag (Anal Tag), Fissure, Pilonidal Sinus, Rectal Polyps, Rectal Prolapse, Anal Papilla, Anal Stenosis, Anal Condyloma, and others.

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